E-Learning courses

1. Online Learning Instructors

• The consistent development of high quality e-learning courses and programs depends largely upon the availability and enthusiastic support of well-trained faculty.

• Of all the tasks that confront on-line learning instructors, which is the most difficult? Provide one to two (1-2) suggestions for making this particular task less difficult.

2. “Student Motivation and Involvement.”

• Research and practice stressed that student-faculty contact in online learning classes is the most important factor in student motivation and involvement.

• What are your thoughts regarding this statement?

• Name and explain the functions of two to three (2-3) effective technology tools that are instrumental in improving the communication process between online learning students and instructors and what could be done to make them even better.

Instructions (a) Enter the transactions shown above in appropriate general ledger accounts (use T-accounts). Use the following ledger accounts:

Cash; Accounts Receivable; Supplies on Hand; Furniture and Equipment; Accumulated Depreciation; Accounts Payable; Yasunari Kawabata, Capital; Service Revenue; Rent Expense; Miscellaneous Office Expense; Office Salaries Expense; Supplies Expense; Depreciation Expense; and Income Summary.

Allow 10 lines for the Cash and Income Summary accounts, and 5 lines for each of the other accounts needed. Record depreciation using a 5-year life on the furniture and equipment, the straight-line method, and no salvage value. Do not use a drawing account.

(b) Prepare a trial balance.

(c) Prepare an income statement, a statement of owner’s equity, and an unclassified balance sheet.

(d) Close the ledger.

(e) Prepare a post-closing trial balance.

From the e-Activity, synthesize the primary ways in which consumer and provider incentives work together to achieve cost reduction under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Provide at least one (1) example of such synthesis to support your response. Defend or critique the key provisions of the antitrust legislation in the United States. Analyze the major ways in which quality issues in health care affect antirust healthcare policy. Provide at least one (1) example of antitrust laws in action to support your response.

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