history test 1

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planters began to look for less troublesome laborers after this event bacons rebellion
the most populous colony in English America by 1700 virginia
this system was to give 50 acres of land to any person paying for passage of a laborer to america headright system
very scarce in the chesapeake colonies women
a culture that developed in america that was a new world creation slave culture
this event was opposed by the more responsible members of the clergy salem witch hunt
Puritains worried that thesepeople having property rightswould undercut the unity ofmarried persons. women
two parts of the new england economy fishing, shipbuilding, and commerce
it was typical for new england adults to marry early and have may children
Jefferson, "best school of political liberty the world ever saw" new england town meeting
montezuma allowed cortez to enter thecastle because he thought cortez was a god
percentage reduction of the native population after Columbus' downfall 90%
reason for spanish settlement and fortification in north america To Protect its Central andSouth American ColoniesFrom England & France
40,000 of these people wereforced to work onplantations on the Atlanticsugar fields. africans
The settlement founded in the1600s that was the mostimportant for the future ofthe United States jamestown
Crop that became the staple of lifein Mexico and South America corn
Person credited with savingJamestown from collapse. john smith
This act guaranteed toleration toall Christians in Maryland. The act of toleration
The difference betweenseparatists & Puritans. separatists= break away from the church of englandpuritans= reform of the church of england
Person who imposed a harshmilitary regime in Jamestown Lord De La Warr
Man who established religiousfreedom in the horrible colony ofRhode Island. roger williams
Cultivation of this crop did nothelp diversify the economy ofJamestown. tobacco
This group was benevolent withthe Native Americans. quakers
This conflict resulted in the lastingdefeat of New England’s NativeAmericans. King Philip's War
main trait that made the english not like the quakers they were pacifists

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