sarah plain and tall vocabulary

Term Definition
Why does Caleb ask Anna about his mother so often? Caleb asks about his mother so often because he doesn't remember her. His mother died when he was just 1 day old.
Why do you think Anna wanted Papa to ask Sarah if she sings? Anna wants to know if Sarah sings because her mother sang. Singing is ver very special to her and she'd like the singing to be a part of the family again.
Why did Sarah choose a shell and a smooth rock as presents to give Anna and Caleb? Sarah chose a shell and a smooth rock to give to Anna adn Caleb becauese they are special things from the sea. She lived by the sea and wants to share some of that with Anna and Caleb
At the end of Chapter 3 Anna wished they had a sea of their own. Why do you think she made this wish? Anna wished they lived by the sea because Sarah loves the sea. If they had a sea then Sarah would want to stay with them forever.
dusk the darker part of twilight
wretched very unhappy or unfortunate
harshly done in a severe way
suspenders one of a pair of supporting straps that fasten to the trousers and pass over the shoulders
fetch to go after and bring back
rounded to go ot pass around
shingles a small piece of building material for laying or overlapping rows as a covering for the roof
stalls a compartment for one animal in a stable
bonnet a child's or woman's hat usually tied under the chin by ribbons or strings
roamer to go from place to place with no fixed purpose
paddock an enclosed area where animals are put to eat grass or to exercise
echoed to send back or repeat a sound
sank to go into
dune a hill or ridge of sand piled up by the wind
bed the bottom of something or layer of something
attached to fasten one thing to another
gullies a trench worn in the earth by running water
ducking to lower the head or body suddenly
crept to move along with the body close to the ground
dawn to begin to grow light as the sun rises
streak a line or mark
argument an angry disagreement
sly both clever and tricky
weary made tired usually from work
groom to make neat and attractive
stern hard and severe in nature, firm not changeable
nudged to touch or push gently
How does Anna know the new chickens will not be for eating?
Why did Sarah put on Papa's overalls?
What happened in the barn to make Caleb "smile until he could smile no more"?
Why is Anna so worried when Sarah wants to go into town by herself?

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