solar sytem aubrey

Term Definition
Star large object in space that is made of gas and produces light
Asteroid object that is found in the solar system, orbits the Sun, and is much smaller than a planet.
Moon a natural object that orbits a planet
Planet a large body in space that orbits a star and does not produce its own light
Revolution the motion of one object around another
Comet an object made of rock, ice, dust, and gas that revolves around the Sun
Rotation the turning of an object on its axis
Solar System a system of planets and other bodies that orbits a star
Dwarf Planet a nearly round body smaller than a planet whose orbit crosses the orbit of another body
Astronomy the study of objects in space and their properties
Universe everything that exists including galaxies and everything in them
Galaxy a group of billions of stars, objects that orbit those stars, gas, and dust
Moon Phase one of the shapes the moon seems to have as it orbits Earth
Constellation a pattern of stars that forms an imaginary picture or design in the sky

Source: https://smfmnewsroom.org/paper/identification-of-hydrocarbons/

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